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Hero - Groh'Dar
Hero - Nephira
Hero - Nyxx
Hero - Ghallerion
Groh'Dar of Volcan

Welcome to Volcan, a domain consisting of nothing but lava and obsidian. Here, tremendous creatures of lava rocks and destruction dwell the surface of the molten wastelands. This is where we find Groh’Dar, the First Warlord of Volcan, the most ferocious, deadly warrior on this molten planet. He is the right hand of Ghu-do-Rhan himself, once the greatest leader in history, now gone crazy with the rage of the Great Volcan. Still, Groh’Dar stays faithful to Ghu-do-Rhan, which is seemingly the only reason the once prominent leader is still alive and not yet overthrown. He realizes his great ruler is slowly bringing Volcan to its demise. Soon, he will have to face the most difficult choice of his life.

Nephira of Effyis

Effyis, the immense planet of ice. This is the rough frigid domain of the beautiful crystalline creations of Iluri. At the heart of this planet resides a grand tree, a god of neither good nor evil. This tree keeps watch over the domain, maintaining balance and order when no other will keep it. Rumor has it that in an effort to protect the planet, the tree of wisdom combined it’s life force with an elf, birthing Nephira, the leader of Effyis. It’s impossible to decipher Nephira’s true intentions, making her a force to be reckoned with, and not just on the battlefield. The all-powerful queen of Effyis has not only lived and ruled the planet for centuries, she’s a powerful magician who successfully led countless battles against the dark elves. She possesses mysterious magic unlike any other and provokes fear in her enemies. To outsiders, she is known as a tyrant who will never give up the throne. For the people of Effyis, she is a loved and respected goddess who saved their planet from destruction countless times.

Nyxx of Tenubrix

Tenubrix, a frightening moon circling around the great lava planet Volcan is home to Nyxx. This moon serves as a prison that’s covered with vicious, carnivorous plants. These plants feast on the remains of maroon souls that are left to their demise. Some of them are criminals, others unfortunate souls ready to meet a terrible end. First, it was home to no one but Nyxx, causing her twisted mind to grow more bitter and hateful by the day. As more and more damned souls where cast away to the planet, her army of maroon followers grew. This seductive, beautiful, manipulative woman is hellbent to unleash her magical powers to take her revenge on the universe. The dark, twisted lady’s desire for power allowed her to take over what was meant to be her eternal prison and make it her fortress, drawing power from the moon’s core and bending the moon to her will. She determines the faith of her army of poor, exiled souls, deciding who lives to follow her and who gets to be the carnivorous plants next meal. She has her own mysterious goals in the coming confrontation and nothing will stop her to bend the entire galaxy to her will.

Ghallerion of Veridis

Veridis, a lush green heaven to many cultures and civilizations is covered with oceans, thriving forests is home to a plethora of 3 great civilizations that live together in harmony. Enter Ghallerion, the great representative of the human race, the legends of his crushing power inspires fear in his enemies. After Ghallerion saw his village slaughtered and burned by Volcanians, he went back for revenge. He slaughtered many, but tragedy befell him. Ghallerion was heavily wounded and left for dead. Luckily, he was found by kindred spirits. His body was restored with the help of dwarven technology and elven magic. After this transformation, he regained his consciousness as a half man, half golem. He managed to become Lord Commander of the united army of Veridis. To this day, he personally leads the troops to defend his home planet, making him the living embodiment of the Veridis’s power.

Select your hero

Game Play

Hidden Galaxy | First Steps is a tabletop RPG for 1 to 4 players. This co-operative survival game lets you explore the hidden galaxy through the eyes of your chosen hero. The world is set in a dangerous fantasy environment which follows the main questline and its events. However, with its "videogame-ish" aspects, the game creates an open world sensation by offering the players as much freedom and choices as possible. Besides all the exploration of different places; caves, dungeons, ruins, parallel universes and many more... You can seek the perfect build for your hero by unlocking different abilities which will make your combat encounters unique and upgrade your weapons and armour to hunt down your opponents and get legendary loot! Or choose for the dark side by challenging the Dark Overlord and gaining control of the undead army! In this game, YOU are in control!

Game Play - Partial Board

Walking in the footsteps of your Hero

Learn who your hero is today and discover your past. In this adventure you decide the outcome. This is your chance to rewrite history. This... is your DESTINY!


Your playstyle

In this open-world game, you determine how it’s played. Delve into the main storyline or gather resources to forge the best weapons the world has to offer! Perhaps you want to go full berserk and take on the undead head on as soon as the game starts to gather their souls and unlock insane abilities, making your hero a force to be reckoned with.

Game Play step - Playstyle

Explore the universe

Explore the various landscapes, ancient ruins and many other places of interest. Prepare to get blown away by hidden galaxy’s beauty and dangers. Scavenge it’s ancient buildings, enter dungeons or even parallel universes to fight the mightiest creatures! Be sure to visit the merchants and buy anything your heart desires or talk to the villagers, they may have some knowledge to share.


Into the darkness

As the story continues quests and decisions will come upon your path. Depending on your actions your heart becomes more or less corrupted by the darkness of the underworld. When fully corrupted merchants and other villagers will become afraid of your dark energy, but the opportunity will arise to challenge the Dark Overlord to take over his throne and with it the control over the undead army!

Game Play step - Rise of the undeads



volcan Warrior


Explore a unique world

Because tiles are generated randomly, every game of Hidden Galaxy is unique. With tiles containing different locations; buildings, resources, NPCs, dungeons, portals, chests and so much more, we tend to create an open world feeling where you choose your own adventure! The main map can also be expanded by entering a building or exploring a dungeon which has unique layouts and different settings. This gives Hidden Galaxy high replayability.

Go solo, co-op or competitive!

Hidden Galaxy | first steps is made to be fully co-operative, but players have the choice to choose for the dark side. Whenever your soul gets corrupted by the choices you made you will have the opportunity to enter the underworld, alone... Fight your way to its core and touch its heart to gain dark powers! Defeat the Dark Overlord to sit on his throne and rule over the undead army! Oppress your friends and bring doom and destruction upon their world! However, if you die in this fight, then it is GAME... OVER!

An introduction to combat

As you wander through the universe, various monsters are lurking to take on anyone intruding their territory or meddling in their plans. Encountering any of them will result in dynamic combat with endless possibilities. Increase your hero’s strength by building up adrenaline to strike enemies with the mightiest spells and attacks. As an undead charges you with a rusty blade, parry their strikes by rolling a successful defence throw and hit them back with a precise hammer blow or reduce the damage dealt with a strong defensive passive ability. Taunt dangerous monsters so they solely focus you to save a party member and avoid getting any status effects like poisoned or blinded. Beware, as nearly all monsters have passive abilities that trigger whenever a certain event takes place.

Board - Overview