Hero - Nyxx

The name is Nyxx – the Unwanted, the Rebellious, the Wicked, and what other names mortals might have called me. I am a castaway daughter of God Eros and the queen of first-born Dark Elves Kallasty. As both of my loveable birth givers have freed the world of their presence, I am the lawful ruler of the whole Galaxy, the one to continue the legacy of my renown parents. I can’t say I don’t find the idea to be unpleasing; in fact, the only unpleasing aspect of the whole ordeal is the fact that the power I deserve by birth has been ripped away right from my grasp.

Betrayal. Betrayal is the word which follows me, poisons my existence with thoughts of failure. MY failure. I did not see it coming. That is the nature of backstabbing: you never see it coming, especially if the attackers are none other but your trusted people, your godly father and royal mother. They have taken away everything I have, everything I am entitled to possess! He has “freed” me of his gift, my celestial magic, and she has stolen the crown and status I have been craving my whole existence. But they were not brave enough to face me and have me killed, so they decided to “show me mercy” by casting me away to the Void – the wasteland of a planet, an open prison for the gutsiest outlaws the galaxy has seen. The place is made to drive the strongest of people insane and desperate. The nature is murderous, you cannot trust any being, whether it is animate or not. Not even your own shadow. And I had no trust to speak of, clenching my teeth at the thought of my… Family squabble.

I was proclaimed to be insane by the very people I owe my existence to. But I know better: they were simply afraid of me, of my superior mind, of things I managed to do which they could not even imagine. My so-called madness was nothing but an ability to see everything in its true form, an ability to perceive and adapt. And they were unwise to let me live, expecting me to spend the remaining eternity in tears and pain, woe the fragile soul of a poor little girl! But I had a different idea. There hasn’t been a day since my banishment that I haven’t spent in absolute fury, developing a profound plan of my revenge. I will take what belongs to me, and anyone who stands in my way will burn!

When Eros decided to dispose of his disobedient slaves, humans and dwarves, I could not simply stand and observe the event. My heart was bleeding at the sight of such a waste of precious life! I had captured a certain number of prisoners, willing to help them indulge in activities of extreme entertainment and practical value. What I refer to compulsory experimentation – they prefer to call it “torture” – brought the most outstanding results. I simply wanted to achieve unprecedented obedience, and that I achieved: it might had taken us some time to find common ground, but anything can be changed with a piece of mind and sharp metal pushed through the joints. It was a matter of couple of days before they started crawling on their knees, following my orders like puny animals they were. Of course I was willing to present my findings to my beloved father whom I always considered to be quite reasonable. I wanted him to see that no matter how much satisfaction the process of mortification might bring him, if obedience was that he sought, it could be accomplished in a different, less wasteful way. He could not comprehend.  He grew furious with me, calling me mad and sending me away. This hypocrite! The one who almost brought destruction to everything the three Gods had created because he was not worshipped by them was the one to call me – ME – mad! Never had I experienced such disappointment before.

A little defenseless girl was thrown away into the wilderness, where everything reeks of death and blood. I had been wandered this planet for ages, thinking of what I can do next and how can I escape this prison of doom. Bones of various species, which were sucked out dry by vicious creatures of the Void, kept me company during my rest time. The air itself smelled of danger. I might as well had been thrown into the pool of acid, I could feel the deadly presence crawling across my skin, getting underneath it, trying to push its claws inside my head. But it was merely an illusion which was entertaining me more than causing me to fret. No creature attempted to kill me or even approach me. No matter how dangerous, venomous, enormous or unperceivable the predator was, they would always let me pass. But I could feel no fear coming off them. It was… Respect? The planet could feel my godly nature; it knew that I was no pest to toy with which would end up in someone’s stomach in pieces (or as a whole). I was – I am – so much more than that.

Finding a partner to converse with would have been a pace changer, but no creature around me expressed any sign of capable and versatile mind. My methods were especially efficient in this case; I was not looking for a friend, I needed an army. I demanded obedience and they were willing to succumb to my influence. And those who struggled… I had so much F u n seeing them squelch, and twist, and shriek, and drown in the endless waves of pain. They had no other way but to accept me, as they did. I may have been stripped off my godly magic powers, but I still had my godly soul. Soon the whole plant was at my feet, serving my every need. I could command it to create, I could command it to destroy. We had been rarely visited by guests of more sensible nature, however it was soon to be changed with Portals of Death becoming a more popular solution for criminal issues within various planets. We were joined by an enormous amount of visitors, coming in an endless stream. The useless piles of flesh and bones proved to be entertaining enough. The survival instinct displayed by those was indeed an immense source of inspiration for me. Their own worlds proclaimed them to be objectionable elements of society for understandable reasons: they were thieves, murderers, rapists – the scum, rejected by the soil itself. However, some specimens were rather amusing: crazed scientists, heretics, the brightest of minds who were misunderstood by their people as their ideas were far beyond the comprehension of a mere commoner. They dared question the order of things, and that kind of criminal act tends to have a drastic response on behalf of power holders. I could never see a point in execution as a method of punishment: what lesson can a dead man be taught? And I was more than willing to teach.

I dedicated all of my time to my adorable guests. Sadly, a more personal approach was out of question, as I could barely keep up with the demand; for every single soul I invited to partake in involuntary experimentation, five more would step their foot on this planet upon exiting the portal. So I had to form groups, which was an absolutely splendid idea, if I must say. The horrid anticipation deforming people’s faces upon seeing their brethren being put through hell itself was quite a sight to see, and it had a remarkable effect on their mental state. I deprived them of any will to live, freeing them of all doubts and concerns, emptying their souls. Then, I would kindly provide them with a touch of flickering hope, sparkling the life in the previously emptied carcasses. They were moved by a sudden sense of purpose, struck by a realization that they had been given the most valuable gift of their lifetime. The ones who survived were to stay loyal to me and my cause till the end of their days. With this effort and a bit of creative approach I had composed a race of my own, my servants barely resembled their previous selves – they got mixed together, absorbed each other’s traits, were reshaped and forged into perfection. And all of them were worshipping the one and true godly entity – me. The torture was eventually turned into a training program of the sorts, and the slave-making machine was working day and night, producing more vassals for me. I had managed to capture and control the mad fury blooming within me to make it a source of energy for my voice of reason. The voice that was putting the most exquisite plan of revenge together.

I started looking for ways to obtain power which might not be equivalent to my initial Godly abilities, but would still let me dominate the mortals, as there is no language as efficient as the language of power. It took me centuries to stumble across a needed opportunity, while the answer was there, right under my nose. I came to an understanding that there was an unlimited source of energy throughout Tenubrix itself. The planet was overflowing with entropy magic, the magic of death. Carnivorous plants had consumed the souls of mortals for thousands of years, feeding the heart of the planet with power which simply was waiting for me to take it. Thankfully, I had more than enough resources to spare to get to my goal: I ordered my slaves to dig and mine, going deeper and deeper until they would see a violet light emanating from the ground and have their hands burned by such proximity to magic plasma. Thousands of mortals were sacrificed for the cause, but that was a sacrifice I was willing to take. After all, what is mortal life in the endless cycle of impermanent existence?  I had raised up a palace worthy of my origin – a great fortress of Tenub Hold – atop the cauldron of magic energy. I wanted it to become my residence, resembling the castle where I was born and brought up; the castle I had been casted away from. My slaves were lacking architectural aptitude, but they were striving to fulfill my every wish. I was content with the result, knowing that eventually I would be able to make any fortress of the universe mine if I wanted to. I initiated my attempts to contain the power hidden beneath the ground; it was meant to destroy and cooperation with a living being was strongly against its principles. It was fighting back, attempting to steal my life force away. You can’t blame a mindless energy cluster of having no reason, and I respected the battle we had. But in the end, I always take what I want. I let the magic flow through my body, trapping it within me as it was attempting to murder me from the inside. It could sense my murderous attitude, my Godly fury, and instead of perishing away, it accepted me as a vessel. And while I was dedicating my time to becoming the most powerful being, my army was growing stronger: I was kindly provided with thousands and thousands of criminals waiting to be turned into my servants. Even though not many of them completed my training, the ones who did were fighters of the most quality material imaginable, as loyal as dogs, skillful and ferocious in the art of killing. It was a force to be reckoned with.

Once I obtained the power I sought, I could finally put the plan of my revenge in motion. I wanted to have my rightful property to be in my possession yet again. The throne of Galaxy. It was made as per my mother’s order and design; however, it was never meant to accommodate a royal backside. I will finish their mission, the one they could not complete because of their pride. And I will not repeat their mistakes.

Their weaknesses – specifically, their arrogance and prejudice in regards to my comprehensive abilities – worked for my benefit. They considered me to be hopeless, useless as everyone else, they thought that I could be taught nothing. But I was in fact a fast learner, remembering every little detail upon hearing it once, and I was bored to death with what they could offer me directly. So I resorted to innocent eavesdropping; a good-for-nothing daughter could barely raise any suspicion. Communicating with prisoners with a language of pain-inducing tools was my main source of entertainment. My spying activities let me into a knowledge that my mother’s people would not abandon the idea of immortality, and that my father had a back-up plan in case he would lost a fight against Daedalos. Alas, the misfortune of banishment came upon me at the time when the plan was developed, so I was not aware of vital details. If only they knew what I had discovered from their small talk, when they were so sure nobody listened… They would have never let me stay alive. And oh I knew a lot. I knew exactly how the legendary Subjugator sword was created, I knew all of their dirty little secrets, their weaknesses. At the moment I could not find a way how to utilize the knowledge I was blessed with, but I had an eternity to figure out how to put it to use and a very good memory. I was piecing together all the information I had so far, combined with gossip I managed to get from the convicted criminals from all over the galaxy. It is fascinating how cooperative even the feistiest of people become after a couple of swings of a whip. Most of them were talkative enough without any methods of torture applied to them, but what’s the fun in that?

My grand revenge scheme was almost ready, and the war spreading across the whole galaxy had the most pristine timing. It enabled me to act significantly sooner than anticipated. Unfortunately, my new home planet was lacking resources needed to start a war of my own, so I had to free other planets of required materials. Me and my countless slaves raided territories which were supposed to be out of our reach, but I had the knowledge of enabling fast traceless portals, given me by the Dark Elves. I had more than enough energy from the core of the planet to be able to set up countless doorways into any part of the universe. I could finally experience being in my element again!

But I am running out of time. I could feel my father’s presence looming on the horizon. It is barely sensible, but I know of his ways and I know how long it might take him to come to full strength again. I will not let him stand on my way again. I will become the great ruler of all, as I am meant to be!